I will soon be listing here original artworks for sale.  In the meantime, read on for a bit about the techniques and processes behind my art...

The process begins with a simple idea or image inspired by nature around me, and the fabrics themselves. After sketching my ideas, the starting point of the making process is usually a particular fabric I am drawn to. Each piece of fabric, however tiny, has a stabiliser applied to it before being cut out freehand, to prevent it falling apart or fraying. Rather than having a set idea of the final composition, I allow the picture to evolve by continually moving the pieces around, adding to it as I go along.

Once the juxtaposition of bold shapes, colours, texture and composition are in union, the long process of stitching each piece of fabric into place begins, using free-motion machine embroidery. This technique of “drawing” freely with the sewing machine allows me to be unrestrained and creative with stitched curves and flowing lines, which add definition and detail.  Every stage of the process is fairly intricate, meaning that each piece takes between 3-5 days to complete.

Colour and pattern make me happy. This is reflected in the fabrics I use, which are all genuinely vintage, ranging from the 1930s to 70s.  The thought of something beautiful and once treasured being thrown away makes me feel rather sad, so I get a great sense of satisfaction from turning it into something special and unique.